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The WowerShower is the newest sex toy to hit the market.  It's a combined shower head-dildo, and is the first of it’s kind.


It has been carefully designed to be used as a normal showerhead for everyday use, and with its discreet looks allow it to blend into the background perfectly.


However, when the urge arises, simply turn it upside down and use the handle as a dildo. Feel the beautifully  curved shaft & perfectly proportioned ribs, bringing you shower time pleasure never before seen!


There's also another hidden feature to the WowerShower.  If dildo stimulation isn't enough on its own, just twist the cap to reveal the hidden clitoris jets.

 This twisting motion diverts water flow from the main shower head nozzles to the clitoris jets, which have been specifically developed to produce a highly turbulant single water jet. This patented system will provide you with more than enough vaginal and clitoral stimulation to blow your mind!


This new innovative sex toy has got the world talking and is guaranteed to get you wet!


It really is the ultimate shower experience, but don't just take our word for it.  Order one today!



  • Antibacterial Material 


  • Dedicated Clitoris Stimulation Jet  


  • Wide Range Of Colours  


  • Ribbed Handle  


  • Discreet  


  • Designed in the UK